Aquarium Maintenance

Our flexible service plans are designed around your aquarium’s needs so you only pay what is appropriate for your sized tank. Aquarium sizes up to 55 gallons start at $40 for a weekly maintenance visit. We offer bi-weekly and monthly plan options and are also willing to provide a one time cleaning service at additional cost. Complete the maintenance request form, and we will customize a plan to fit your needs.

We also offer daily tank care while you are out of town.


Included in our maintenance plans:

Clownfish | Leather Coral | Ridgeline Aquatics

Water Changes

Water changes are an important, if somewhat unpleasant, component of most aquarium maintenance routines. The act of changing water allows for removal of waste material in the water column, and we will also remove detritus from your substrate and aquarium floor. Aquarium glass and tank decorations are cleaned. We will also regularly test your water to ensure the maintenance schedule is working as intended.

Clean and Maintain equipment

Aquarium equipment must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis or the risk of failure increases. During our visits we will ensure all equipment is in optimal running condition. This includes (but not limited to) cleaning pumps, filters, cords, power strips, lights, dosers, auto-feeders, and water top-offs. We will replenish water additives, and food, as well as change filter pads as needed at additional charge. We are happy to make recommendations for replacing old equipment and can sell and install new equipment when needed.

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Monitor long-term Health and watch for potential future problems

The most important part of maintaining an aquarium is the ability to recognize small problems before they become a real issue. Beyond regular maintenance we will monitor the health and well-being of your aquarium. This includes checking for illnesses or parasites in fish, coral, and plants, noticing subtle changes in aquarium chemistry or appearance that might indicate an upcoming problem, logging performed maintenance and observations to provide a long-term view of aquarium changes, and discussing aquarium status with the owner.

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Add fish, coral, invertebrates, or plants

If desired, we are happy to stock your tank for you. We will quarantine and treat any new additions before placing them in your aquarium so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your new fish or coral will not infect your current tank’s inhabitants .