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Ridgeline Aquatics is an ethics-driven, premier tank-raised coral business.  We strive to provide our customers with top quality aquacultured corals.  Our customers gain both beautiful and healthy corals, as well as peace of mind knowing that their hobby is not harming the oceans.


Our Mission

Our oceans are in trouble.  Be it from climate change, fishing, pollution, tourism, or (regrettably) the aquarium industry, coral reefs around the world feel the impacts of human actions.  While the aquarium industry only has a tiny fraction of the impact of other industries every choice we make has an impact.  Ridgeline Aquatics is dedicated to helping the industry become self-sustainable by propagating and growing corals in closed systems away from our oceans.


The benefits to the ocean are clear but this also benefits our customers.  Tank-raised corals are already acclimated to the conditions found in our aquariums.  They are used to synthetic lights, synthetic sea salt, and the minor fluctuations that occur within even the best maintained aquarium.  Customers will typically notice an immediate difference between the  acclimation time of our corals compared to wild caught specimens.  Our corals should be parasite- and pest-free due to our strict quarantine process.  Furthermore, any coral sold will have been in captivity for several generations and has proven to be parasite free.  

Important Facts

  • Corals are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy.

  • All corals sold are 100% tank-raised by Ridgeline Aquatics unless otherwise noted

  • Every effort is made to ensure you know exactly what you are getting; if you want additional pictures, just ask.

    • When taking pictures, we do our best to accurately represent how each coral will look in your tank. While lighting differences will cause subtle differences in color presentation, any differences should be small unless you are using a very different lighting spectrum.

  • Current water parameters and lighting requirements are easily provided

  • All corals are shipped using priority air express, next-day shipping

  • With the exception of "cut to order" Acropora, corals are usually shipped within 1-2 business days and will arrive at your house the following day. On checkout you will be asked to indicate the best days for your schedule.

  • We ship anywhere in the continental US (no Hawaii or Alaska)